Aaron Markus

Producing, Branding, Storytelling.

What is our Mission?

Aaron Markus Media has been in the wedding business for several years now covering a ton of weddings. We long to provide a great capture and story of your big day with both video and photography; it only happens once. Because there are so many people out there claiming to do weddings, we want to tell a story based on YOU. We create "Surprise Proposals," "Save-the-Date," and Engagement Celebration videos; as well as promotional videos for businesses.

Your Wedding Story is waiting for you!


Been telling stories since he was 7 years old, shooting on a VHS camera in the backyard. With a strong focus on editing, Aaron Markus has gained a great deal of vision in the art of story-telling. He is a strong videographer, who loves to edit in his free-time who aims to tell a compelling heart-stringed story. Film School in both New York City and Los Angeles, he is critically trained for narrative.


We are now offering a new service of capturing your wedding and creating a documentary movie to tell your story to all your friends and family. 

We want to tell a story: how you met, how it happened, and what the world is about to experience through this epic marriage taking place!

Powered by a Strong Narrative.