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From time to time, new projects will come about for all kinds of things. We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that good things are happening and that this page is one of those things. This project meant something and it was a good project to have completed.  Here it is!


Two beautiful and rather cavalier individuals who both separately and radically followed Jesus in a way that continues to inspire many people around them, were wrought together by the hands of God into Holy and Sacred Union. Even now, has been inspiring many people to either give up on a stagnant relationship or with a fiery passion burn brighter for a holy and honorable one. 

This has been a long-time coming. It's finally arrived. The Nathan and Leslea Proposal. Here is the epic story of how it happened.

Nathan's Surprise to Leslea. I'd like to personally thank Nathan and Brian Cahill, and Austin James.

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