Aaron Markus

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Beer and The Blog... What is this?

WELL, Funny you should ask. I'm seriously in love with people. I think there are stories we've never heard of that are waiting to be told. 

So what is this blog? Why Beer? - My Question for you is, why not beer? I've decided to go full swing into this direction that I am pulled to. I don't know why per se, but I love getting to tell stories that people overlook. I want to search and find out things, and show them to the world.

A little ambitious I know, but I am thinking that if you know someone who has an amazing story, or an amazing restaurant or they go about doing something that anyone can do, but they do it differently then I want to see and capture that!

My Vlog or Blog or whatever will have FULL Video Features of Interesting People, Ideas, Places and things. I will also be doing a Audio Podcast for those of you who listen to those stories on your drive to work. So the Search is in FULL SWING!

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