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The Journey Begins.

Hear about Lauren's heart for her mission trip to Germany with ETC!

You have chosen to follow along and invest in my journey, both to some place and through something else entirely.

I do want to have a public blog like this one in which I will be sharing; but the newsletter (www.aaronmarkusmedia.com/newletter) will contain far more because I want people who want to follow along more closely, to receive videos that may contain sensitive content like stories of survivors and refugees first-hand. As well as some crazy interactions that might be too much for the internet.

The thought behind it is, if you're interested in this, then you get to see the Behind The Scenes making of the documentary to Germany! Anyway, lastly below I have some prayer requests you can keep in mind for me.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Financial Support - Still in desperate need as time is ticking!

  2. Spiritual Covering - God says Go, so I am. I need prayer for the discernment and the guidance for where His Spirit leads.

  3. Awareness - I need to remain diligent and aware of my surroundings and the people around me, so that I can pay attention to what exactly needs to be captured in the documentary.

  4. Camera Gear - Lastly, I need to buy a Sony a7s2 and a lens, which is what will allow me to capture everything.

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