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John and Christen

So I don't know if you this, but, March 14th, 2015 this year was Pi Day. No not, the delicious kind, but the mathematical kind. I didn't know either...Funny enough, kind of out of the blue at least for me; a fellow mustang (Dobson), we used to stay in touch, well his fiancee contacted me because he knew what I do, and long story short, I was asked to do the wedding. Which I did with anticipation and excitement. 

I brought my whole crew and we went to the beautiful house up in North Scottsdale, AZ. I know I have plenty to say about this particular couple, and even though at first, I didn't really know their whole story, I quickly found there was a great deal of beauty in their love. No not just the mushy stuff, although it was pretty mushy, but Christen has a couple of gorgeous and HUGE HEARTED daughters and I was completely flabbergasted but how well and outwardly amazing John took a liking to them. 

He not only had some really great things to say in his vows to his now wife, Christen, he had some beautiful promises and vows to the two girls. AND THAT, if you thought you were jaded or immune to such mushy endeavors at weddings, definitely got me. I've seen a few weddings in my day, at this point but that was amazing. Enjoy these photos as a testament to a day that not only mathematically creates a circle, but to the eternity that John and Christen set to be together. Circle is a special thing.

Anyway, John, I'm grateful you had me at your wedding, You and your new family are incredible. You guys blessed me, like they say, a family who prays together, stays together (not just at the dinner table.) Blessings and Love to you all.  -aa

Video to come soon.

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