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Andrew and Jordin - Kansas City, MO - March 23, 2014

I met Andrew in the 8th grade. To what I can recall, he was one of the wild kids in the back of the school bus. Trying to hide from prying eyes of the bus driver. He had military style cargo clothes, chains, a pink mohawk sometimes, and a very wild personality. I was not his friend.

Getting his wedding manicure did.

Andrew waiting for his Bride to arrive.

I maybe had one or two conversations with him or near him, but I didn't really know him. Later in high school, I don't remember seeing him around much. I didn't know why at the time. Turns out this man's testimony goes deeper than what I ever knew of him. You should ask him sometime.

Many years after High School ended, in 2012, This straight long haired guy walked into a local coffee shop SoZo Coffee House in Chandler, AZ on SE corner of Alma School and Warner (Under the clock tower.)

This is before either of us moved out of state, mind you but I was working there and I was quite surprised to see a very healthy looking and cleaner version of the kid I knew from high school. He became quite the man. Turns out neither of us knew anything nor had any interest in God or Jesus, or anything like that, but come after 2005 we both seemed to have found Him.

After a lot of driving, we finally made it to KC!

Something ignited on that day. We both recognize that although we might not talk a whole lot, which I hope we change cause I quite enjoy him in my life; we are definitely united through something so much more.

I had the privilege of going on an adventure with him halfway across the country helping him move to KC for the Nightwatch as part of the International House of Prayer. As well as Andrew bringing forth part of a powerful vision to bring the Arts to the Inner-City through "Hope City." That experience alone really bonded us.

And I had the privilege and honor of spending a couple wild days with Him and his Bride to be and capture the moments to photos. 

This has definitely been a great part of my life, to be able to share with some of the best people I know.

I thank God for that.

P.S. Dear Jordin and Andrew, for what it's worth your wedding has touched my heart ever so beautifully. You have truly blessed me beyond words. I pray that our friendship will grow and that maybe one day, the Lord would lead us closer on the planet to do ministry together.

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