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Jim and Stacey - Apache Junction, AZ - March 23, 2013

This post is one of the most important I have ever had to make.

This is equal to exactly 1 year, 2 months, and 16 days.

442 days is equal to 63 weeks and 1 day.

This is equivalent to 636,480 minutes.

You can also convert 442 days to 38,188,800 seconds.

I have contemplated how to begin to make this post but this is as good as it gets. I think there is sometimes a few people you meet at some point of your life, that you know, will always be some of the most important people you will ever have in your life. Trying to put that same relationship into words is futile. There is no way, absolutely no possible way, to express the sheer joy.

I have had the privilege to be in this couple's life to the extent that I have not only seen them at their big, epic, life-decision-making choices, that are huge crossroads for anyone. I've been able to see a piece of them from the smaller, quieter moments of their lives (relatively speaking) and grow together into the glorious couple they have become. I'm not going to go too much into detail into how we met, but I will tell you a little about all the awesome moments, that I have had the pleasure of being there for.

Photo Credit: Leslea Alexander

1. Birthdays

We have spent now 3 full years now. Which means probably close to 80+ birthdays between all the awesome people in our lives. Who knows the real number? Which leads us into the next one...

2. Proposal

I had the privilege of helping coordinate with Leslea, You(Jim), and somehow You (Stacey), your proposal and your birthday, capturing it into one of the best videos I've ever done. By the way readers, Jim and Stacey, have got me hooked. I've never wanted to bless a couple more, than these two. It is one of the best things that I have, that I can do, that I know is blessing me in return then blessing Jim and Stacey more and more.

Aaron Markus MEDIA's FIRST EVER ENGAGEMENT VIDEO; a beautiful documentary of how Jim and Stacey met and got hitched!!!

3. Wedding

I've been capturing video and photos of Jim and Stacey for so long, the question has been why not? It's got me seeking to find new ways to bless them. I made a trailer for fun. Everything I have done for them, video or otherwise, has rarely been because they've asked me. It was because I couldn't be more grateful for the relationship that we've built. 

Jim and I spent a powerful weekend in Payson at the Tonto Rim with 40 other men from Two Rivers Church in Gilbert, AZ. It will be a weekend I will never forget. Only thing I will share, is that Jim and I shared deep intimate struggles and counseled each other. There were hugs and there were tears. I am pretty sure it was so hearty a event that there was snot too. It was a deeply impactful experience for the both of us. 

I continue to cherish all the time we've spent together, worshipping Jesus, singing, dancing (oh the dancing), partying (Jim and especially Stacey are major Party Animals), eating and just being merry together.

I look forward to our next greatest adventure together. I wonder what that will look like.

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