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Jason and Erinn - Long Island, NY - June 15th, 2013 (Anniversary Edition)

This post is incredibly exciting to me, and it is in it's 3rd revision.

Now, to understand just how I was involved in this wedding (Highlight Video Below), you first have to hear the story behind how Jason and I met. It's a doozy.

Long Island, NY June 15th, 2013

I am a fan of Switchfoot. If you're friends with me, it's probably a known fact. One dreary NYC evening, I went to the westside of the city, arrived just before the show ended paying close attention to my twitter feed. Jon Foreman, lead singer of Switchfoot was doing a solid year of After-After-Shows using his Twitter to let the hardcore of the hardcore fans know where he was going to be. This was during the release of the Hello Hurricane album.

I arrived and began hanging with about 20 other dedicated fans/friends, who all wanted to just share a moment with one of favorite vocalists/lyricists. It was an awesome night that I have not forgotten. Jon Foreman complimented me on my hat. That was a gem.

On the way back to the subway, I was accompanied by two short girls and a rather lanky darker gentleman; named Orlando. He was attending a school across the river called NYACK. Now we seemed to click right off the bat. We shared info and stayed in contact. I ended growing close to know him and a couple other of his friends.

Photo Credit: Drea Samere Douglas - "Embarrassing Photo 101"

I would come and crash at NYACK and would need a place to stay. I slept sometimes on an empty bed and sometimes on a couch in this little bachelor pad of 4 dudes. One guy's name was Steve. I liked him. Then there was this studious quieter guy, but he did seem to carry a great deal of wisdom just in his very character, named Jason.

Photo Credit: Erinn Lynsey Urena

Now Jason and I maybe talked a total of 2 hours collectively. MAYBE. He was nice enough. But I didn't really know him. We eventually stayed in touch on Facebook starting in 2010. This was a pivotal year of my life. It was the year that the Lord called me back to him. I was officially born again in 2007. At this point we had a handful of conversations over the next 2 years. Eventually, I started do this. Weddings. 

Somewhere along the way, in 2012, Jason and I talked and I wanted to shoot video for his wedding. Videos are definitely something I enjoy more than photos, but I love both nonetheless. July 28, 2012 11:07 am: Jason messages me and lets me know whats going on and that Him and Erinn would totally love to have me. Turns out they had initially planned an early date than they did. 

Photo Credit: Gabrielle Barrette Dugas

Can't tell you what quite happened (not too sure myself) but the wedding was June 15th, 2013. I'm quite impressed that even though we had a few small encounters, the quality of friendship/relationship with Jason and now Erinn too, has from the get-go been out of this world.

Not only were our encounters prior to the wedding great, the time we've had and shared together since, albeit 2400+ miles apart have been all that much more powerful.

Photo Credit: Salvatore Cinquemani

I'm honored to call Jason and Erinn, family. As well as frankly, being adopted into theirs. Quite literally. Probably one of the largest blessings of my entire life has been the Urena/Alder family experience.

Photo Credit: Brenda Alder

Dear Jason and Erinn, Let's never lose touch. You've been entirely too close to my heart to let you slip away. Thank you for your hand in friendship. I hope to spend the rest of my life with you two in it. You guys, even when I watch your video, over and over, are so fun and joy-filled and I believe that to be one of the purest things I captured. Besides, what would my wedding look like if you were not there for it...

(I'm NOT married yet.)

Happy Anniversary <3

Love. -aa

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